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Best of traditional Irish home baking and cooing.

About us

Hello All
Really looking forward to this new venture!


Many of you may know me from my years with Kook Catering at Andersen Ireland. Others may know me from the charity cookbook ‘Food 4 Thought’ in support of TLC4CF.

The Riverside restaurant is located in the Croom Civic Centre (opposite Donie Daffy car sales). The Centre offers many amenities including a scenic river walk and children’s playground.



Maigue River

We Want you to enjoy the Maigue River.
As children we picnicked on her banks, paddled in her shallow mossy waters and went fishing with jam jars to catch brickeens.




The Riverside


In winter we smashed the ice on the frozen flooded fields.
The Maigue has always been our River, and now we offer you a setting where you can experience her many gifts, so that you can make her part of your memories too.